Let’s Launch You From “Stuck” to The Best Version of Yourself!


Claim your relationship, mental and / or sexual health today – without the overwhelm.

You deserve IT!

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THE GOOD NEWS IS – You are at the Right Place

I am passionate about empowering people!!! Transformation is my expertise and my passion.

Where you feel stuck and overwhelmed in your life. I empower people, by providing you with the tools and skills to navigate your life and relationship in a practical and sustainable way.

My Specialist Expertise:

  • Sexology (Individual and Couples)
  • Psychology (Individuals)
  • Relationship Coaching
  • On-line Courses

You bring YOU and YOUR Challenges, and I'll bring ME, My Tools and Skills, and together we will transform your life!

My Counselling Services
My Specialized Offerings



Individual Counselling

Being able to be your true self and claim the life you were designed to have is one of the strongest components of good mental health.

Have you ever felt that you that you are not where you would want to be and feel stuck?...Are you stressed, traumatised, depressed, anxious, have sexual concerns, insecure, feel overwhelmed, just to list a few…

Then this is for you!

I help people claim their Mental and Sexual Health - by exploring your unique circumstances, challenges and developing your own internal resources to start living the life you deserve.   

Individual counselling is the best investment in yourself you will ever make!  You will walk away with understanding yourself better, embracing your inner you and tools that will assist you to break patterns that are not serving you.

I follow a non-judgemental approach.

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Relationship Counselling

Relationships are hard! Reclaim the Joy in Yours.

Do you often feel misunderstood, get into arguments and wish you knew how to stop that, feel unappreciated and acknowledged as a lover and as a partner?

Then this is for you!

In Relationship counselling I focus on restoring the balance to relationships in crisis by assisting couples to find their individual voices and space in the relationship, explore patterns and dynamics that are not serving them and establish new ones, and explore ways to address sexual concerns and on improving their intimacy. 

I will use proven techniques to reframe daily challenges and prevent an arising issue from becoming a persistent issue.

This is a process that will transform your relationship into a partnership where you are equipped to accommodate one another’s differences without losing yourself and reclaim the joy.

I follow a non-judgemental approach.

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My Specialized Offerings


Relationship Coaching

Do you and your partner have a desire to improve your relationship and to take it to a deeper level?

Then this is for you! 

Relationship coaching is a goal-oriented approach to solving relationship problems that focuses on setting and achieving goals in a concrete way.

This service is offered along with my on-line courses  (Signature Course  03.) where I work intensely with you as a couple and take your hand.  I coach you to reach your desired outcomes and address your unique challenges as they arise.

This should leave you as a couple in a space where you will feel elated, connected on a deeper level and equipped with skills to maintain and navigate your relationship on a daily basis.

I follow a non-judgemental approach.

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