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"Your relationship with yourself affects all your relationships"

The skillset to set healthy boundaries and the HOW to maintain a healthy sense of self in relationships, was pivotal to Dominika.  She managed to break free from repeating the same patterns!


IMAGINE Living a life where ...

NOW IMAGINE continue living without it? What would your next 12 months look like?🤔 


Get Back On Track And Really Define Where You Want To Go

Taking action to start living the life you desire and deserve was what Crystal did! Getting back on track was worth every moment!


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"Christa Was The Tool I Needed"

Jeanette took the action and implemented al the tools, claimed her power and the "fire is burning in her soul" ...And all her relationships shifted into thriving!

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Reconnection Success Stories




I hope that is okay with you if I share this!

After watching Christa's workshop, I immediately felt things had to change. A lot of past hurts and hard conversations came up to the surface! I know, I cried a lot and I felt emotionally rattled by the realization that I was also responsible for how things were in our relationships!

I had all my focus on my work and on my kids, and my partner wasn't getting much of my attention. It wasn't easy to admit that, I was neglecting our relationship because I felt I am already doing so much for our family.

But it was also part of our healing process. I decided to dive in with Christa's 3 months coaching program and started to work our way through the course. (No, my partner wasn't on board with me, but I didn't need him to be, I decided to be the change and lead the way). It was exactly what we needed!

I wish I could say it was roses and sunshine, but It was a bit more chaos until it got amazing. Now, we are both consciously making an effort to choose each other. We block time every week to do something together, play squash or even go out for a dinner, just us! No kids! Just us!

We really work as a team now, drama at the minimum and even if some disagreement arises we both diffuse each other by being compassionate and looking deep into the core problem.

Maybe no one said this to you, but relationships do require ongoing effort, but once you have your time blocked for each other, it becomes a part of your routine!

If you are still hesitant about whether or not you have the power to change your relationship, I'm telling you it all starts with you! Good luck! "


"I can't emphasize enough the value of having a relationship coach like Christa in our lives! With her guidance and expertise, we've experienced an incredible transformation in our relationship.

From clarifying our goals to enhancing our communication skills, to an increase in intimacy (on all 4 levels) she has been instrumental in helping us navigate challenges and grow closer as a couple.

Her unwavering support and empowering approach during the program has truly made a difference. If you're looking to strengthen your relationship, I highly recommend investing in Christa as your relationship coach. Trust me, it's worth every moment!" 💑❤️

Mrs C

My analogy of a happy being and state has always been a soap bubble, with many colours…

I started my journey with Christa feeling empty, lonely, without purpose and without colour in my soul.

When I first tried to explain my state I made a bubble shape with my hands and explained to Christa that there is a shape, but it is empty and without colour. Just a spherical space…with nothing in it.

Now, almost a month later since our first session, I started painting again…! and paint with passion and excitement. I am happy when I paint!

The painting is how I feel inside…I am fulfilled with an abundance of colour, and a collection of colourful soap bubbles, many shapes and sizes.

 I found I am worthy, I found my inner love and happiness!!

 Thank you Christa for leading me back into my inner COLOURFUL state!! 

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Meet Your Coach

I am passionate about empowering women!!! Transformation is my expertise and my passion.

Should you feel stuck and overwhelmed in your life; I empower women, by providing you with the tools and skills to navigate your life and relationship in a practical and sustainable way.

I am Christa and it is lovely to meet you! Life taught me several life lessons where I was also stuck and overwhelmed.  Little did I know that life was happening for me and not too me.  Life prepared me practically and laid the foundation for my career as a relationship coach, psychologist and sexologist.

My Career map:

  • Follow a Systemic, Holistic and Practical Approach. - I follow a non-judgemental approach.
  • Has more than 30 years of experience helping Individuals and Couples Claim their Mental and Sexual Health - From The I in ME to The WE in US.
  • Qualified Psycho-Sexologist (internationally recognized qualification in Sexology (Accreditation with the EFS/ESSM as Certified Psycho-Sexologist (ECPS)).
  • Qualified Psychologist.
  • Qualified Social Worker.
  • Past President of the Southern African Sexual Health Association (SASHA).

You bring YOU and YOUR Challenges and I'll bring ME, My Tools and My Skills, and together we will transform your life!