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Feedback From Some Happy Clients

Due to Client confidentiality fictitious names are used in some cases, but we have all reviews on file and have permission to use it. 

3 Month Elation Academy Coaching Program

Bromberg Couple

"This coaching program helped us to think deeply and so honestly in a way that we normally wouldn’t have. We have never done something like this as a couple - this program is nicely structured and really easy to follow. We loved spending the time together and making the information our own.  Our Relationship evolved to a level we have never experienced before "

We reached out to Christa when our relationship really faced tremendous challenges.  We had 3 children under the age of 3 and needless to say we were so focussed on the children, their needs and at the same time making sure that we provide them with a financial stable home and future...that we drifted apart and ended either arguing a lot or avoiding conversations all together.  There were times that we could not even remember why we got married in the first place.

  • We knew we wanted our family, but did not quite know how to find the way back to one another.
  • We remembered the vision we had for our family...but all the challenges and changes made the vision we had to become a bit more blurry. 
  • We knew we did not want to stay in this survival mode, but did not know how we were going to make the shift to our relationship being a happy thriving relationship.
  • We also knew that we wanted to feel intimately connected, but did not quite know how to get there.

We became desperate to "fix" US and were willing to do whatever it took...as we knew that the trajectory we were on was going to leave us with the possibility of divorce...and we really did not want to go there.

We knew that on our own we were not going to fix anything...so many times we tried on our own to to make changes and that helped a bit but we always fell back on old patterns.

Thank heavens we had the wisdom and willingness to invest in our relationship and family future ...and WOW was that every cent and minute worth!

Christa managed to take us step by step through the process - working on each one of us as individuals within the relationship, and with her practical approach gave us the tools to communicate in the most effective way where we felt heard, seen and appreciated. 

We have never felt so connected (o all levels)  - even deeper than when we started our relationship in the first place.  We are now equipped to deal with life and the challenges as we go through life.  When ever we feel we are drifting in the wrong direction (old patterns) we go back to the drawing board and use the tools and techniques ...and every time manage to get the relationship back on track.

We are aware that a relationship is always evolving and we have to continuously re-asses and re-adjust.  Having the tools on how to do that has made the process so much easier and is so helpful to navigate through it."


3 Month Elation Academy Coaching Program



I hope that is okay with you if I share this!

After watching Christa's workshop, I immediately felt things had to change. A lot of past hurts and hard conversations came up to the surface! I know, I cried a lot and I felt emotionally rattled by the realization that I was also responsible for how things were in our relationships!

I had all my focus on my work and on my kids, and my partner wasn't getting much of my attention. It wasn't easy to admit that, I was neglecting our relationship because I felt I am already doing so much for our family.

But it was also part of our healing process. I decided to dive in with Christa's 3 months coaching program and started to work our way through the course. (No, my partner wasn't on board with me, but I didn't need him to be, I decided to be the change and lead the way). It was exactly what we needed!

I wish I could say it was roses and sunshine, but It was a bit more chaos until it got amazing. Now, we are both consciously making an effort to choose each other. We block time every week to do something together, play squash or even go out for a dinner, just us! No kids! Just us!

We really work as a team now, drama at the minimum and even if some disagreement arises we both diffuse each other by being compassionate and looking deep into the core problem.

Maybe no one said this to you, but relationships do require ongoing effort, but once you have your time blocked for each other, it becomes a part of your routine!

If you are still hesitant about whether or not you have the power to change your relationship, I'm telling you it all starts with you! Good luck! "


3 Month Elation Academy Coaching Program

 Couple Jackson

"We have tried so many self help courses - but realized we need more than just a self help course.  We needed someone to keep us accountable and guide us through the process. Christa's practical, holistic approach and the tools and techniques she shares really is a deal breaker.  The information and tools are so easy to make your own and to transform your life.  This was the best investment we ever made in our relationship"  Although we embarked on this journey as a couple - Christa's focus is on each one having to take responsibility for themselves and what each brings into the relationship.  That is such a powerful approach...because it stops you from looking at the other one to change.  Each one of us feels now empowered and equipped and that is an awesome place to be it.  We are now co-creators instead on co-dependent!"

3 Month Elation Academy Coaching Program

 Couple McKenzie

"If you are looking for a step by step program to help you to reclaim the Elation in Your relationship - Then this is it!  We are applying the practical tools provided by the course on a daily basis and we are closer and more connected than ever before! "

3 Month Elation Academy Coaching Program

 Murray Couple

"This coaching program was a deal breaker for our relationship.  We could never pin-point what we needed to do to get the connection and spark back in our relationship and doing this program showed us.  The practical approach with the helpful worksheets that came with it - really helped us to make the changes that our relationship so desperately needed.  We have reclaimed the joy between us and we keep seeing the difference the small shifts make."

3 Month Elation Academy Coaching Program



3 Month Elation Academy Coaching Program

Feedback on Module 1 - The Elation Mindset


3 Month Elation Academy Coaching Program

Feedback on Module 2 - My Family In Bite Sizes


3 Month Elation Academy Coaching Program

Feedback on Module 3 - Communication


3 Month Elation Academy Coaching Program

Feedback on Module 3 - Communication


3 Month Elation Academy Coaching Program

Feedback on Module 2 - My Family in Bite Sizes


Couple Counselling

KZ and Life Partner

 "We went to Christa for couples therapy when we started to hit a few bumps in our relationship. What a wonderful journey with a wonderful person! Christa has a gift to just hit the nail on the head. She not only has a tremendous ability to get to the core of an issue, but also provides you with visual aid to help you understand the problem or causes thereof. We can vouch that you will leave her practice with new insight, hope and tools to face whatever it is that brought you to her."

Individual Counselling

M. Burger

 “I have been a client of Christa Coetzee since 2019, a year that, together with 2020, I would define as difficult watershed years in terms of my mental health.  Living with severe depression and anxiety since the early 2000's, I am forever grateful that my path crossed with Christa's - from the beginning, our therapy sessions provided me with crystal clear guidance and insights on how to navigate the darkness and find lightness of being."

Individual  counselling / Coaching / Sexology


I cannot describe Christa as only my psychologist, because during the last 5 years that I have engaged with her, she has been more than "just a psychologist": she has been my executive coach, my relationship expert, reality checker and much more.

I started seeing her when my previous relationship ended, and she helped me to understand some of the dynamics involved, how to recognise certain patterns, and how to navigate relationships. She didn't allow me to hide behind masks, but still gave me space to find the truth about myself, for myself. Even when we discussed difficult topics, she was always honing in on the truth, in a very caring and compassionate manner. Today, I am a better partner to my current spouse because of the toolkit of self-knowledge and resilience that Christa gave me to navigate relationships.

Slightly more than 2 years ago, I resumed my sessions with Christa, this time due to managerial issues in my executive position. Seamlessly she shifted into the role of an executive coach. No matter what the challenge was, I never finished a session without a practical plan on how to deal with a specific issue. She has the ability to focus our sessions on the critical issue at hand, and always encourages me to both draw on my own resources, and allow my support structure to help me cope with whatever the challenge is. She helped me to realise that asking for help as an executive is not a failure, but a strength, and without that knowledge, I would not have been able to deal with workplace troubles.

No matter the issue that anyone is grappling with, Christa has the skill, experience, knowledge and compassion to help you get through the troubled time. She gives practical and realistic advice, grounded in the reality that you are facing."


Couple Counselling


"Thank you for everything you have assisted us with it has helped our marriage and relationship greatly we use your techniques and advice frequently. "


Colleagues Testimonials

Sexologist (Medical Doctor)

Dr E. Baraldi

“I have known and worked with Christa for years. Christa’s ability to guide and assist Individuals and as well as Couples through complex life challenges applying her warm, intuitive and very practical approach, has always been something that sets her apart from her pears. Christa has over the years established herself as not only a skilled Psychologist but also a Sexologist – a combination of skills that is an outstanding asset to her clients.” 


Sexologist (Psycho-Sexologist)

Dr. E.M. Craig

  “I have known Christa Coetzee for many years. She is an exceptionally gifted and intuitive therapist with sound academic background. She is also a highly recommended and experienced sexologist who is revered by her colleagues in the field. Apart from this she is an amazing and caring human being.”