Meet Christa

Hi I am Christa!

I Am Passionate About Transformation 🤍

Hi I am Christa!

I Am Passionate About Transformation 🤍

Time to get up close & personal


Where to start…we all have a story to tell…

I was born and raised in South Africa.  I am one of 4 children; my father was a religious leader and my mother a social worker.  From a very young age, I just knew that I had to serve people, and have done so – fortunately I had both parents that could guide me when needed. 

Although I was born into a family that had all the knowledge, skills and commitment to create the most stable and amazing family home, life happened and my parents got divorced when I was 13.  The relationship that was meant to be the rock-foundation of the family, crumbled. Fortunately, my story had a happy ending, as my parents got re-married and were able to restore and rekindle their relationship and were able to be a living example on how to put the elation back into their relationship.  

Little did I realize how much my own upbringing, pain and lessons would prepare and shape me for my career.   

Life did not only happen to me, BUT it also happened for me. I had my own fair share of relationship and life challenges, but managed to make them all work for me. 

I met and married a stubborn Italian :) and am living the life I was destined for.

My personal experience, formal training and years of experience, laid the foundation for me to understand and address the needs of people.   

I have taken the action and have a great life (although life still happens) and YOU CAN TOO.  Take the action, don’t hesitate….

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Will you be able to relate to me?

Taking the step to reach out for help is a big step. To open up your deep and private world can be scary.  We need to feel comfortable doing that. I have added some videos where I go live to give you some idea who I am.

Get to know me a bit better

Fun Facts About ME



I swam 2 midmar miles (a huge personal achievement), swam twice with Sharks (in the wild) and I love conscious interaction swimming with wild Dolphins in Mozambique 



Travelling in Europe I often get mistaken for either being Italian, Portuguese, Spanish or Greek…and I cannot speak any one of those languages.



I much rather fix things a round the house than painting my nails and doing make-up. My Stubborn Italian would rather call someone to change the light bulb :)

My Career Map in a nutshell 

  • I Follow a Systemic, Holistic and Practical Approach - I follow a non judgemental approach.
  • Has more than 30 years of experience helping Individuals and Couples Claim their Mental and Sexual Health - From The I in ME to The WE in US
  • Qualified Psycho-Sexologist (internationally recognized qualification in Sexology (Accreditation with the EFS/ESSM as Certified Psycho-Sexologist (ECPS)).
  • Qualified Psychologist
  • Qualified Social Worker
  • Past President of the Southern African Sexual Health Association (SASHA)

You bring YOU and YOUR Challenges and I'll bring ME,  My Tools and Skills, and together we will transform your life!

Let's Connect

Do you want to get more of idea if you would be able to relate to me?

From time to time I post short videos where I share tips. You can get access to them, and at the same time get to know me even better.

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