RECONNECTED WORKSHOP: How to Go From a Relationship That Just Survives to A Relationship That Thrives?

In This 3- Day Workshop You'll Discover


✔ What is an Elation mindset and the 5 strategies  that you can implement immediately to start shifting your mindset towards a more connected and elated relationship! (Once you realize it, it’s like flipping a switch that will allow you to get exactly what you want.)
✔ The 4 basic principles that will make you feel heard, accepted, appreciated and valued. (These principles alone, if applied, will instantly allow you to develop habits around your relationship that nurtures, deepens and strengthens it.)
✔ The 3 components that nurtures and completes a never-ending intimately connected relationship (You will learn why taking 100% accountability is the golden thread that keeps you connected)

Your Investment In Your Relationship

Getting Reconnected And Living A Thriving Relationship...PRICELESS!



  • Lifetime access to the Reconnected Workshop Recordings

  • Worksheets that accompany every Recording to help you anchor in the information. FB Community where you will get support and can ask questions.

    (Value $97)


 Make The Investment in Yourself, Your Relationship and Your Family TODAY


Feedback from some participants

This workshop changed their relationships and lives!!!  You could have it too if you are willing to take action.  


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Nice to meet you!

Hi I am Christa,

It is lovely to meet you! Life taught me several life lessons where I was also stuck and overwhelmed.  Little did I know that life was happening for me and not too me.  Life prepared me practically and laid the foundation for my career as a relationship coach, psychologist and sexologist.

I am South African Born - with over 30 years of experience as a Relationship Coach, Sexologist and Psychologist.

In this Workshop (1 hour a day) I'm going to reveal my secret Elation Mindset and Tools with you, that helped hundreds of couples transform their relationships.

I would love to help you too!

If not NOW then WHEN?

If not ME then WHO?

Why wait, if you could make a change NOW?